Insights Microsoft Teams with on Prem Exchange

Microsoft Teams with on Prem Exchange

With most Orgs working in this work from home pandemic the need for more collab is very High.

I wanted to give some input in to the topic sounding using Microsoft Teams and what your organization needs to get Teams deployed fast.

Scenario 1: On Prem Exchange, Skype for Business. SharePoint Online 

In this scenario there will be some features that will not be available and I will list them out.
1. Exchange on prem: Teams out of the box wants a Mailbox to link to for scheduling meetings, and chat features. To get around this creating a Cloud-Based mailbox. This is used as a landing spot for Teams to utilize features

For compliance if you need to search a cloud based mailbox here is the technet for doing just that.

If you plan on deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms, here is the technet on setting up a cloud based mailbox for that AD object.

To ensure Microsoft Teams and Exchange On Prem 2016 have no functionality issues, ensure that Hybrid with O365 Groups is configured correctly.

Teams and Exchange On prem Tech Net

Exchange on Prem utilize SharePoint and OneDrive for document collaboration.