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Pandemic Work Life Reflections One Year Later

Author by Lubna Quraishi

I can’t believe it has been one year since we packed up our things and began to work remotely due to the strengthening of the global pandemic. That's right, just twelve short months ago we used to do strange things with friends and team members like shake hands, or give high fives, or eat lunch together without the fear of spreading illness. 

This time around last year, many of us were faced with so many unknowns, increased levels of anxiety and somber feelings like never before.

I lead the Talent Acquisition team here at Concurrency and immediately, my mind went in a million directions. Will I have my job? What will I say to my team? How will we get through this unknown situation? This is how many of us felt.  Thankfully, here at Concurrency we were ready to make the transition to remote work. We’ve always been equipped with top of the line technology so we were able to start working securely from any location immediately, without any technical hiccups.

However, we are a very tight team who loves to collaborate, give high-fives, and yes we are huggers, lol. We missed that part of our team interactions, and we still miss it. Yet little did we know that when tough times come, families always come together, and that's exactly what happened here at Concurrency. We became a tighter, more closely knit team.

We couldn't meet to have our infamous Chicago Happy Hours, but we had our virtual happy hours where we got to know each other from our living rooms to our basements to our kitchen counters with babies in lap, literally. Yes, we made the best of challenging situation, by having virtual paint classes, cooking class and of course a comedy show, where I found myself sitting in my room, by myself cracking up like anything ROFL.

All fun aside, it was emotional at times, trying to juggle between house chores, being a new mom managing a toddler and working full-time. One thing I know for sure is that this could have not happened with a leadership team that trusted all of us, supported us, and knew we could do this.

Focusing on how we’ve displayed resilience, reminding ourselves how we’ve weathered difficult moments and solved problems together helped us build the bonds necessary to keep thriving.  

The pandemic is not yet behind us, but I will always remember how our team came together and formed bonds that made us more committed and stronger. #DreamTeam #CNCYProud #CNCYlife