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Modern IT Management Event

Author by Kim Claditis

You're invited to the Modern IT Management Event — a business strategy event where our experts will provide real world examples and guidance on how to best enable your IT department to drive your business strategies.

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Much of what IT used to support, build, and deliver can now be purchased elsewhere. IT is being lifted up and out of the data center with cloud-based “anything-as-a-service” offerings. New devices and technologies are spreading and stretching when and where IT services can be used.

DevOps practices and tools are attempting to meet demands for faster and faster solution delivery with approaches that combine agile applications development with orchestrated support infrastructures.

The session will cover:

  • Real world problems facing IT and the business and how the industry is changing
  • Ways in which companies can break down management siloes and drive business value from their IT solutions
  • Strategies that drive organizational change and get you started on a path towards service provision

Bonus: Each attendee will get a chance to win a Sonos Play:1!


Kim Claditis

Marketing Manager

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