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Litetouch Deployment Failure When Installing a CIE Disk Image File

Author by Christian Urena

After many failed attempts to deploy the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) 8.5.1 disk image file on a Surface Pro 3, the issue has come to a conclusion. I have seen these errors as far back as the 6.5.x and the 7.5.x CIE versions. If the error image below looks very familiar, then we can go through the steps to help you resolve the issue.



The steps I have taken to deploy are as follows:

  1. Burn the ISO image to a USB drive. Personally, I use ISO to USB

  2. Attach the USB drive to the Surface Pro 3 (device is turned off)

  3. Boot the Surface Pro 3 from USB by holding the volume-down button, and then press and release the power button

  4. Follow the wizard to install the CIE. When you think you’re almost done… Boom. You have a “Dirty Environment”

  5. Select NO and you have the notorious, “FAILURE (5456): Unable to determine… Litetouch deployment failed, Return Code…


The Solution

First, clean the diskpart on the Surface. When the command prompt window appears type the following commands:

  1. diskpart

  2. select disk 0

  3. clean

Second, load the EFI Boot menu by holding the volume-up button, and then press and release the power button. Third, change the Configure Alternate System Boot Order to SSD Only. Lastly, start the deployment process all over again!

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