Insights Making the Switch to the Agent Workspace in ServiceNow

Making the Switch to the Agent Workspace in ServiceNow

Introduced in the Madrid release of ServiceNow, the Agent Workspace is a new single pane view for agents to respond to all task types, view the full context of the issue and get relevant recommendations.

The agent workspace allows you to have multiple tickets of varying types all open at the same time in a tabbed format. You can quickly move between each item you’re working on without needing to go to various list views and opening each item in a separate browser tab. Just click on the task to review and update.

The task form itself is organized with a ribbon at the top displaying useful information at a glance. The task details and activity are in their own columns and contains a sidebar on the right that assists with resolving the task.

The sidebar on the right includes Agent Intelligence which will display a list of tasks that are similar to the task you have open. Selecting any of these similar tasks will open in its own tab within the task itself. Reviewing these similar tasks can assist with resolving the current issue by checking the activity log and resolution notes.

Another feature of the side bar is the Agent Assist section which will display knowledge articles, discussions or catalog items that may be related to the task.

You can also use the sidebar to review attachments and apply form templates.

Another feature is that you can also create criteria-based notifications that take place within the agent workspace, such as an alert when a new ticket is created, updated or assigned. The alerts can pop up on the screen and be viewed by click the ‘bell’ icon on the top-right of the agent workspace.

The design is intuitive, fluid, welcoming and easy to navigate. This new interface makes managing tasks in the ServiceNow platform easier than ever. I look forward to seeing what new features will be added to this application in future releases!