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Adding PowerBI Tiles to a CRM Dashboard - No iFrame

Author by Salvatore Montini

From documents to data, CRM can be your one spot for your day to day business needs. PowerBI can now be exposed in CRM dashboards with an embeded link for easy access to full PowerBI features. Users will love the ease of only needing to navigate to CRM to find all of their great tools!

Enable Power BI tile embedding in the organization

  1. Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings.
  2. On the Reporting tab in the Allow Power BI tile embedding option, select Yes to enable
  3. Click OK.


Create Dashboard

  1. Go to Sales > Dashboards.
  2. Click New.
  3. From the new dashboard, click Power BI Tile on the toolbar.
  4. In the Add Component dialog select the Power BI dashboard and Power BI tile that you want to display in your dashboard, and then click OK
  5. Click Save to save your dashboard.

​                                 2016-06-02-08_59_25-Dashboard-_-Sal-Test.png 

​                  2016-06-02-09_03_32-Dashboard-_-Sal-Test.png                                       


Tips:     2016-06-02-08_57_57-Dashboard-_-Sal-Test.png

  1. Must have CRM 2016 update 1  (
  2. Content packs or custom dashboards can be used to show a wide variety of tiles
  3. There is a link to the dashboard in the top right corner of the tile. Ensure that user rights are set up correctly when opening the entire dashboard via
  4. CRM only allows 6 tiles per dashboard; if you wanted to provide links to PowerBI dashboards from CRM, add one tile from each different dashboard and then users can easily link to each full dashboard by the main visual you expose in a CRM native dashboard.
  5. Dashboards from your Power BI workspace will only be visible. If you publish your dashboards to a group space; you will need to re-create in your own workspace.
  6. Make sure to share dashboards with users that need to see them. (if a user cannot see the dashboard from their workspace in, they cannot see it in CRM and will get the Oops Owl)


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Salvatore Montini

Systems Engineer