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Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

Author by Salvatore Montini

Noting the difference: Dynamics 365 / CRM for Outlook and Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

Moving from CRM for Outlook add-on to the first version of the lightweight app had limitations with tracking activities, which resulted in many organizations not making the switch away from the Outlook add-on, especially if they needed to track appointments (For more information on the app differences and use, click here).
Making the upgrade from the Dynamics 365/CRM for Outlook add-on to Dynamics 365 App for Outlook provides the same features set, but with a different user experience that brings better reliability and performance. The App for Outlook now runs server side, in turn taking some of the heavy lifting away from a user’s local machine and allowing the app to follow the user between the Outlook desktop app and Outlook Online (OWA).

Main Differences
  • The Outlook add-on is installed locally on the user’s machine
  • App for Outlook can be pushed by admins to the user’s account for use within Outlook desktop or OWA.
  • Outlook add-on can be used with older version’s of Outlook
  • App for Outlook must be used with Dynamics 365 and serverside sync.
  • App for Outlook now includes better contact supervision with a new management screen.
Tracking Records Matrix

Manage Contacts
The new App for Outlook includes a much easier to manage screen for contacts syncing between Outlook Desktop app and Dynamics 365. Within this new add-in there are two simple areas to navigate to: Outlook Contacts or Dynamics 365 Contacts (Note: this feature is not available via OWA)
Outlook Contacts
The contacts listed in the Outlook contacts page are your personally saved contacts via the user’s profile. This list has a status of tracking within the first field to indicate that the contact record is being tracked in Dynamics 365.
Dynamics 365 Contacts
The contacts listed on the Dynamics 365 page are the contacts that the user has access to in Dynamics 365. This allows for easy email access to those Dynamics contacts from the Outlook desktop app.

App for Outlook; An Admin's Favorite
Admins can now push the App for Outlook to user’s accounts via the Office portal. Once the app is pushed, those users will be able to use the app within their desktop clients or with OWA. This means there is no software to download to local machines. Further still, administration for local machines is reduced by forgoing any installation issues and removing the requirement of having only one client syncing to your organization. This means saying goodbye to Outlook disabling the app on startup due to performance issues.

For quick set-up for admins, click here.


Salvatore Montini

Systems Engineer

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