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Dynamics CRM and ITSM Joining Forces

Author by Dan Fink

There have been some rumblings happening in the ITSM area recently which are worth following, most notably, the joining of forces between Provance and AlfaPeople. These two juggernauts are creating a match made in heaven for all of us excited about everything CRM, and now we can bring our colleagues from the ITSM side of things into the mix. This is just the start in a series of posts which we’ll go over everything we can regarding the new Provance ITSM solution.

The ITSM Division of AlfaPeople, which is one of the leading Dynamics CRM ISVs in the world, has joined up with Provance, a leading provider of IT management tools which integrate with System Center, to create a new product is going to drastically change the ITSM market in the (hopefully) near future. Dynamics CRM has been integrating more and more service oriented features recently, including the acquisition of FieldOne, as well as Parature, MojoSurveys, and Adxstudio, all of which are going to make up one extremely competent and competitive business solution. Provance is an out of the box accredited ITIL solution for IT Service, Asset and Enterprise Management, adding to the now extensive list of business areas CRM encompasses.

We'll be including some more in-depth posts regarding Provance in the near future, but for now, here's a quick look at the new components in the ESMAAS area of CRM:




Dan Fink

Senior System Engineer