Insights Moving GitHub Desktop Repo Local Directory

Moving GitHub Desktop Repo Local Directory

You have unfortunately downloaded your GitHub repo to a directory in your OneDrive synced files haven’t you? It’s synchronizing everything twice! Didn’t anyone tell you that OneDrive wasn’t supposed to be used for source code? Don’t worry. This one is actually pretty easy to fix.

  1. Close GitHub desktop and any applications currently accessing the code
  2. Copy the directory from it’s existing location to a new location (preferably one not synchronized by OneDrive or anything else)
  3. Delete the originating directory
  4. Restart GitHub desktop… you will be asked where the location is
  5. Do NOT re-sync. Find the newly moved location
  6. View files in Explorer through GitHub enterprise and you will see it is correctly connected

Now, return to work and never again make this mistake. 🙂