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IT Departments are Ignoring Their Own Need for Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation of the business has to include digital transformation of the IT department itself, suggests a new study from The Hackett Group Inc.

One of the main focuses of the study is employee roles in IT. Digitization and automation can lead to the elimination of routine or repetitive work, thus freeing employees to do higher-value and meaningful work, obtain specialized training, or prioritize efforts elsewhere.

Processes and tasks suitable for automation include server provisioning and de-provisioning; server shutdown and restart; backup and restore; file and folder handling; network configuration settings, operating system upgrades and patch deployment; application deployment and testing; and security processes.

Additional time for more significant tasks translates to better customer-centric, innovative and agile operations. Not to mention the cost-savings potential of time and effort.

As the Hackett Group reports, IT leaders who aggressively support enterprise transformation but are unable to get their own house in order are likely to become the proverbial cobbler’s children – going (digitally) barefoot while their customers get the new tools. Worse, an IT organization that is reactionary and lacks foresight, agility, and customer focus will eventually lose credibility as a change agent. Therefore, becoming a world-class, digitally enabled IT function is both urgent and imperative.

So a sense of balance between optimizing practices and the department who deploys them is crucial. It is a gift that keeps on giving: IT departments that help themselves, help the company.

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