Insights Alternant routing on a 404 with AudioCodes

Alternant routing on a 404 with AudioCodes

I recently wanted to do are route based on a user not found. I have Teams Direct Routing migration from Cisco. If a user doesnt exist in Teams, I want the call to go to Cisco while we are migrating users. Here are the steps to put in a reroute, or failover to another IP group.

In my case Teams is first in the IP-To-IP routing. So, I changed the Alternative route option to route row.

Next step to is to go down the list to the IP route you want the call to try next. Change the Alternative Route Option to “Alternative Route Consider Inputs”

Now we have to create a Alternative Reason.

After we create the Set we need to add a rule. At the bottom of the new reason set there is a link “Alternative Reasons Rule 1 Items” Here we will add the release cause code. In my case I want to use 404 “User not found”

Back to IP Groups we need to modify the IP Group the call goes to first. Mine is the Teams IP Group. Here we will change the “SBC Alternative Routing Reasons Set” to the one created in the last step. “404”

Now we can do a test call and using a syslog we can see the call flow. With my Teams configuration I have 3 IPs it will try first (failover setup) the last stop is my CUCM server!

Hope this helps if you ever have to do a reroute.