Case Studies New SharePoint Intranet Site Delivers on Client’s Vision

New SharePoint Intranet Site Delivers on Client’s Vision


Over approximately two years, our client—a national company in the industrial sector—had taken significant steps forward in preparation for a new company intranet system. The team had gathered business requirements and established a vision for the new site’s functions and design.

Our client’s original intranet system had aged out of usefulness to the business. The organization’s IT team recognized a need for a refresh, not only of the look and feel of the site but in its ability to constructively support distribution of information throughout the firm and to promote collaboration and information access from both personal computers and mobile devices.


Having assembled a set of requirements for the new site, our client contacted us to help them take the next steps in planning, development, testing, and roll-out. The initial phases of the engagement featured a series of workshops to confirm requirements and to establish more detail around them. We conducted all the planning work onsite, working closely with key stakeholders as we moved toward detailed specifications to deliver on the team’s vision. We then proceeded with a development phase over an approximately six-month time period, followed by two months of testing.

Throughout each of these phases, our SharePoint work was characterized by a focus on translating the high-level business requirements into an implementation that offered all desired features while using cloud-friendly methods and technologies to help ensure future usefulness in the event our client wishes to migrate from an on-premises implementation to a SharePoint Online implementation at some point in the future. We also used an approach that makes it easy to apply a facelift to the site, in order to maximize flexibility down the road.

Roll-out of the system went smoothly, as a result of careful preparation and close cooperation with our client’s internal IT team. Now, with the new intranet system live, users benefit from important new features such as dynamic content presentation in which the display language is matched to the user’s geographical facility’s location.

This project serves as an excellent example of a corporate IT team that has already taken significant steps to define its needs and contacts us to help turn a vision into a reality.