Case Studies Enhancing Operational Efficiency Through ServiceNow Advisory Support

Enhancing Operational Efficiency Through ServiceNow Advisory Support

ServiceNow Advisory Support

Through ServiceNow Advisory Support provided by Concurrency, this company successfully addressed operational challenges and achieved improved efficiency. The collaboration enabled the credit union to remediate critical issues promptly, enhance collaboration among stakeholders, and pave the way for future innovations. By leveraging best practices and optimizing processes, the company positioned itself for sustained growth and continued excellence in providing financial services to its valued customers.

Critical Issue

A reputable financial institution serving a diverse range of customers, recognized the need to address existing issues within their operations in order to continue providing seamless financial services. They sought a partner to facilitate issue resolution, improve operational efficiency, and position them for future innovation.

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Customer Profile

Midwest-based financial institution

16 locations

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Key Problems

Poor communication among stakeholders

Inability to tackle high-priority issues without

disrupting business flow

our solution

Concurrency engaged in collaborative meetings with the organization to identify and prioritize open issues within their operations. Each issue was openly discussed, documented, and evaluated for urgency and business impact. With a clear understanding of the identified issues, Concurrency crafted a comprehensive remediation strategy focusing on efficiently resolving high-priority concerns by leveraging out-of-the-box capabilities and industry best practices. Throughout the project, effective communication and collaboration were maintained, with key stakeholders engaged to ensure alignment, gather essential input, and uphold transparency during the remediation process. Concurrency’s approach included providing timely hotfixes to address critical issues, aiming to restore operational functionality swiftly and minimize potential disruptions while applying best practices and utilizing ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box capabilities for sustainable solutions whenever possible.

The results

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Improved efficiency, smoother workflows, and better overall functionality followed the resolution of open issues. The strategic approach taken when targeting high-priority issues minimized disruptions and ensured operational continuity.

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Through consistent engagement and communication, Concurrency fostered a collaborative environment where stakeholders shared insights, leading to better-informed decisions and actions.

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With critical issues addressed and operations optimized, the company reports feeling well-positioned for future innovation. The streamlined operations laid the foundation for exploring new enhancements and technological advancements

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