Case Studies Medical Service Organization Replaces MSP with In-House IT Infrastructure

Medical Service Organization Replaces MSP with In-House IT Infrastructure

Azure-Based In-House IT Infrastructure

Concurrency built a custom, Azure-based in-house IT infrastructure to replace the organization’s paid third-party IT provider, a Managed Service Provider (MSP), which couldn’t scale with the organization’s rapid growth-based business model. The new infrastructure is malleable enough to evolve alongside the company’s needs, increasing efficiency and adding significant, long-term ROI.

Critical Issue

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are third-party IT providers that offer one-size-fits-all IT solutions for businesses. MSP solutions are not as adaptable as custom IT infrastructure and lead to businesses investing in MSPs that do not fully align with their specific IT stack requirements, hindering long-term growth potential. Concurrency’s Digital Operations team recognized this inefficiency within a medical service organization and devised a tailored internal IT infrastructure to support their acquisition-based business model. The medical service organization facing a rapid growth trajectory found itself constrained by an outdated MSP that could not keep up with their expanding needs.

Recognized for their expertise in assessing and addressing client needs, Concurrency was recommended by the company’s General Counsel. With a technical team boasting extensive experience in large project builds and over 7 years of expertise in AI/ML integration, Concurrency offered a deep level of knowledge and adaptability.

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Customer Profile

Medical Service Organization

Over $20 million in revenue

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Key Problems

The current MSP was implemented when they were a

smaller company and could not keep up with new needs.

our solution

Even when the need for change is clear, knowing where to start building an IT infrastructure is difficult. However, armed with the right game plan, our team delivered a complete transformation of the company’s IT setup that will stand for years to come. Before taking action, we proactively assessed client needs and adapted our strategy and product offering to meet those. We identified the following company characteristics: rapid growth, an IT stack comprised of varied software, and a need for stopgap technical support. Based on these needs, we identified a three-step solution rollout.

First, we built a scalable in-house IT system, which we tailored specific to the company’s operations and workloads. This system is more customizable than the previous MSP solution and eliminates the need to spend on an MSP. We also spent time training and immersing existing employees on the new system. Then, we fully integrated the Microsoft 365 Stack to consolidate the company’s varied software, correcting pain points and smoothing communication by installing the Microsoft 365 suite. This integration ensured that the organization’s IT ecosystem would be immediately synced with email, instant messaging, and user profiles, as well as allowing new acquisitions to live and be worked on in SharePoint. Finally, recognizing the need for stopgap support during the transition to an in-house solution, we brought in our own Digital Operations Support Experts who have deep training in Digital Operations, M&As, and transformations, ensuring a seamless transition and providing ongoing support.

The results

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Our IT transformation led to an efficient long-term partnership. We are thrilled to continue doing business with this organization at about half the capacity of what we were supplying during this project. Our ongoing work involves building out their ITSM suite, including enhancing the ticketing system. The in-house IT build now accommodates more advanced automation integration, new IT staff assistance software, new customer interfaces, and other features that align with the company’s evolving needs and wants.

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The company had the additional goal of learning the system as it was being built, following a “learn-as-we-build” approach, an area Concurrency has significant expertise. This ensured that employees feel comfortable using the system to its full potential.

Furthermore, by leveraging Microsoft 365 licensing to consolidate multiple systems into one platform, operations were simplified. This approach facilitated interactions with other businesses, saving time and improving efficiency in deal-making.

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In addition to constructing a new in-house system, we also devised a plan to transition MSP dependencies to their in-house IT team. Then, we conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s IT stack to pinpoint opportunities for enhancements and cost savings. We chose to implement ITIL processes such as incident, problem, and change management to ensure the environment’s reliability and responsiveness. Finally, we established IT governance frameworks, policies, and procedures to align the organization’s business objectives.

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