Case Studies Enhancing Connectivity and Search Capabilities: Empowering a Non-Profit’s Mission with AI

Enhancing Connectivity and Search Capabilities: Empowering a Non-Profit’s Mission with AI

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A non-profit organization collaborated with Concurrency to update a pre-existing user platform, aiming to enhance search functionality and support by implementing artificial intelligence (AI). Through various upgrades and platform enhancements, including transitioning to the LTS version of .NET and upgrading the Content Management System, the organization improved its platform’s capabilities. The integration of AI, specifically GenAI, enhanced search efficiency and effectiveness.

Critical Issue

A non-profit organization sought Concurrency’s help to update an internal platform. The organization has a pre-existing platform that serves as a collaborative network for the community to share best practices, resources, and innovative teaching methodologies. To improve search functionality and server support, the organization has decided to update and implement artificial intelligence (AI) within the platform.

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Customer Profile

Non-profit organization focused on supporting

the development of culture, character, knowledge,

innovation, and entrepreneurial skills

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Key Problems

Poor search functionality

Current .NET version is nearing end-of-life

our solution

Our team aimed to meet the non-profit’s goals by implementing various upgrades and platform enhancements. Firstly, we upgraded the current .NET from the current version 6 to the next long-term-support (LTS) version of 8 to ensure continued support for another two years. Additionally, we upgraded the Content Management System (CMS) to leverage the new features available in the latest version of Orchard, such as MFA capabilities, RSS Feeds, and integration with Google Analytics. Platform enhancements included the implementation of features like Cards, Card Review Process, Groups & Conversations, Operations, Mailchimp integration, and automation enhancements. Furthermore, we operationalized GenAI by implementing LLM search internally, executing Prompt engineering and data chunking strategies, and integrating it into the Search function to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The results

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The organization has a broad reach spanning over 380 institutions across the country, impacting over 6,000 members and hundreds of thousands of students. Platform updates and monitoring ensure the community can continue to acquire content, develop curriculum, and establish relationships.

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The addition of AI has significantly improved the search functionality and content connection capabilities. By leveraging AI-powered search engines with machine learning algorithms, a more sophisticated search experience is provided. This is particularly beneficial for queries involving natural language or specific domains.

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