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Our Work

Customers rely on our technology, business strategy and organizational change management expertise to maximize technology ROI, innovate and create business outcomes.

Case Studies

  • Manufacturer


    Merger/Divestiture Office 365 Project for Manufacturing Firm

  • FORTUNE 500 Company

    FORTUNE 500 Company

    Large-Scale Custom Integration Between ServiceNow and Service Manager Enables FORTUNE 500 Company’s Migration

  • Manufacturing Firm

    Manufacturing Firm

    K2 SmartForms Workflow Project for Manufacturing Firm

  • Industrial Manufacturer

    Industrial Manufacturer

    Identity Consolidation Project for Global Manufacturer

  • Retail Real Estate Company

    Retail Real Estate Company

    Human Resources Records Management for Retail Property Management Firm

  • National Non-Profit Organization: Health & Safety

    National Non-Profit Organization: Health & Safety

    Health & Safety Firm: Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)

  • Global Industrial Company

    Global Industrial Company

    Global Windows 10 Readiness & Deployment

  • FORTUNE 100 Company

    FORTUNE 100 Company

    Global Server Patching for FORTUNE 100 Company

  • FORTUNE 100 Company

    FORTUNE 100 Company

    FORTUNE 100 Company Organizational Change Management—Office 365

Customer Quotes

We were looking for a very strong Microsoft partner to work with while we were researching SharePoint planning. We had Skype but we wanted a strong SharePoint partner and that’s what led us to Concurrency.

Greg Marks
Corporate Inforamtion Technology Manager
Aesse Investments Ltd

Concurrency helps focus on that solutions that add value. As we look to continue to grow digital transformation journey, Concurrency helps us see the new things that are out there and brings to light new solutions to help us move forward.

Scott Stratil
IT Systems Architect
Alta Resources

The biggest game changer was the resources Concurrency provided. Their leadership helped get projects off ground and they were involved in all aspects including: inception, architecture, execution, management, and support.

Nathan Hunter
Applications Manager
Brakebush Brothers

The things I like most about Concurrency is that they are actively engaged in our business. Their consultants ask a lot of questions before they start projects. Their team spends time to understand our business first so they can make the best recommendations.

Tim Linsenmeyer
Chief Information Officer
Clover Technologies Group

Working with Concurrency has been an excellent experience. Their sales team and technicians are very knowledgeable and kind. I feel like we found a company we can trust to help us tackle any project we have!

Brian Manowski
Network Technology Leader
Goodwill Industries of NCW

First impressions mean everything. You wowed us in our first meeting with how intelligently you spoke about the products. It boiled down to having the right people being intelligent about the technology and IoT.

Dave Janu
R&D Manager US

I started working with Concurrency 8 years ago, based solely on their technology expertise, but today we use them for so much more. We still bring them in as a technology partner but now they really understand our business, and they help us to apply that technology to transform our processes and solutions to create more business value.

Dick Pankratz
IT Director
IFS North America

Concurrency has partnered with us to develop the ideas and skills we need to transform IT. This aligns to our organizational goals to make IT easy, transparent and efficient.

Clark Bobert
Director, GI Architecture and Engineering
Johnson Controls, Inc.

What makes Concurrency unique is their follow through. There is more follow through with Concurrency than with other vendors I have experienced. Concurency is part of the process a to z. It doesn’t feel like you are getting dropped off. The project is not complete without a wrap up.

Jonathan Blakeman
Systems Administrator
Keefe Real Estate

Concurrency empowered us, taught us and showed us how to execute a plan for future success. Concurrency provided the guidance we needed and helped us build the right plan.

Ed Garcia
LaSalle Solutions, an MB Financial company

When you are getting a consultant from Concurrency, you are getting someone who knows the technology inside and out. You know you are getting the right people for the project when you work with Concurrency.

Steve Weinheimer
Snr Systems Administrator
Mayville Engineering Company

Concurrency is an extension of my team. The success we have generated as a team is in part because of our partnership with the security professionals at Concurrency. Their deep level of expertise is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Michael Van Cleave
Director Mobility and Security

Concurrency is one of our top Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Partners in Midwest District. I know when I engage them in a customer, they will deliver solid solutions and value for both the customer and Microsoft.

Mike Brevard
STU Manager

Concurrency has a great vision for Digital Transformation and has invested time to understand my business and look beyond the technology. They help me look at my business and understand what moves I should take next.

Ron Borden
Executive Director, IT

Concurrency has flexibility and a deep knowledge base around Microsoft technologies. I enjoyed working with my Concurrency engineer. His knowledge and what he brought to the table was exceptional.

Efrain Ruiz
Director of Information Technology
New World Vanlines

We had an actual conversation with Concurrency, not just a question and answer session. We discussed how we would work together to drive a successful outcome.

Phillip Bierdz
Infrastructure Manager
Riverside Medical Center

Concurrency brings experts in the field that not only are good communicators, but understand our business. For every initiative that gets completed, Concurrency delivers current state value and future state opportunities.

Martin A. Spriggs
Chief Technology Officer
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Concurrency’s Digital Transformation approach directly aligns with the thinking and roadmap of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities. All five core solutions areas are things we are already doing or are in our future plans.

Tom Case
Vice President of IT
The YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities