Concurrency Helps Cloud Solutions Provider—an AWS Partner—Initiate Azure Services

For this project, we assisted our client to establish a delivery model for a wide range of cloud solutions on the Azure platform. This particular client is an Amazon Web Services partner that had received requests from its own customers for Azure-based services. Our client decided to initiate Azure offerings, formed an internal team to lead the project, and contracted with us to provide assistance.

Our client had extensive experience as a Cloud Solutions Provider but none with Azure specifically. We began the engagement by introducing our clients’ team to Azure with a focus on how, conceptually, to build out services. We developed an architectural and operational framework for our client.

Then we focused on several specific customer opportunities identified by our client. We provided a model to explore client-specific costs for on-premises services compared to both AWS and Azure services.

Following this initial phase of the project, we assisted our client with in-depth support for a particular customer opportunity. This was an early opportunity for our client to sell and deploy Azure-based services; we provided insights and technical planning in the background as our client’s team interfaced with its customer.

The customer was a prime example of a national organization experiencing server sprawl, with some 150 servers spread across on-premises and AWS platforms. Many of these were either far undersized or oversized. We helped our client demonstrate how Azure solutions could increase performance of the system through a right-sizing exercise. We also demonstrated how the Azure platform could increase reliability in comparison to the customer’s current problems with insufficient power and cooling in its on-premises data center during the company’s seasonally intensive periods.

We supported our client with an in-depth review of another of its customers as well. In this case, the customer used Azure site recovery to migrate its entire infrastructure from Rackspace to Azure. We helped our client prepare for the migration and assist its customer as its line-of-business web application went live on Azure.

Throughout this series of projects, we helped our client gain mastery of Azure operations to enable it to diversify its cloud offerings and best serve its own customers.

Cloud Solutions Provider—an AWS Partner

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