Concurrency Designs IoT Solution for Global Manufacturer


We often have the privilege of helping Midwest manufacturing firms with IT architecture projects that help them improve their business operations.

A significant trend in the broader Digital Transformation movement for manufacturers is applying Internet of Things (IoT) ideas to improve manufacturing process.

Recently we assisted a client with an in-depth IoT design project to help deliver insights gained from sensors and other equipment deployed in the manufacturing context to IT personnel.

In this way, the IT team could be aware of production factors, maintenance needs, and other key information across a range of facilities.


The particular IoT solution featured end-to-end data connectivity in a Windows 7 context. The project proceeded through planning and design phases that ensured everyone was on board across multiple business departments.

Through a series of workshops, we applied a proven approach to review the firm’s operations, understand business needs and pain points, and help identify opportunities and develop objectives to meet business needs. The result of this stage of the project was a strategic plan.

Results and Next Steps

We then moved forward with a project to deploy the IoT solution’s infrastructure and configure its cloud gateway. Our approach helps to ensure replicability in other parts of our clients’ business. In that way, both the design work and cloud gateway configurations are readily applicable to improving manufacturing operations in other facilities and with other products.