Cloud Management and Cyber Security Summit 2018 - Minneapolis

March 15, 2018 | 9:00AM - 12:00PM | Edina, MN


You're invited to the Cloud Management and Cyber Security Summit 2018, a multi-session event exploring the ever-growing issue of protection of computer systems, software, and information, as well as, preventing disruption of the services they provide.

  • Concurrency Perspective on Management and Security for the Cloud
  • Managing, Operating, and Securing Office365 & Modern Workplace
    • Why companies are moving to Office365 & Modern Workplace
    • Principals of Office365 management
    • Securing and managing Office365 environment, GDPR, NIST, etc.
    • Relationship of devices to Office365 modern workplace
  • Managing, Operating, and Securing Azure
    • Why companies are moving to Azure
    • Principals of Azure management
    • What to do and NOT to do when deploying an Azure environment
    • Securing the Azure environment
    • Cost Management in the cloud
Event Address

3601 W 76th Street
Edina, MN