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George Astling presents: The Importance of Basics, RIAD

December 20, 2019 | 8:00AM - 5:00PM | ONLINE


About this Session

In this session, the audience will be taken through the importance of the basic project management fundamental of RIAD management. In a world where Agile is king and waterfall has the schedule, there is not enough focus on one of the most important tools in the PM’s tool box. The RIAD log (Risk, Issue, Action and Decision). Consistent execution of RIAD management will bring any project up to a 70% success rate. Not quite the 20% effort to get 80% return, but more than enough to help any project be successful.

Main Topics:

  • What makes a successful project
  • What is RIAD management
  • Importance for stakeholders/external clients
  • Driving results
  • RIAD Management
    – tips and tricks
    – what works/doesn’t work
  • How RIAD management can help in project success
Event Address