Lwin Maung and Min Maung will present at the Central Wisconsin IT Conference

October 3, 2020 | 1:30PM - 2:15PM | Virtual Event


Lwin Maung and Min Maung present:

Using Computer Vision to Detect _____________ (Fill in your own blank)

Computers can be taught to do many things as long as you know how to teach them. Like a little children, computers must be trained to recognize and access situations.

In this talk we will show you how to detect defects in industrial scenarios. The scenario can be re-applied to anything else. Min and Lwin solved a technical problem for a construction business under government contract to help process the data accurately and quicker than a PE can analyze video footages. The outcome is a Machine Learning Algorithm using Microsoft Azure Custom Vision to detect cracks in sewer tunnels in (undisclosed large city in Midwest).

We will show you how to recognize cracks in pipes, cracks in windows, leaves, bees vs wasps and more.

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Virtual Event