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Concurrency's Dr. Elizabeth Fleming presents at Humanity at Work

May 19, 2022 | 9:30AM - 10:45AM | Minneapolis, MN



Conference Speaker Spotlight

The Humanity at Work - 2022 Conference offers talks and working sessions from some of the the brightest minds in psychology, leadership, and workplace culture.  Here is one of this year's speakers:


Elizabeth Fleming

Dr. Elizabeth Fleming

Elizabeth Fleming currently serves as a Talent Development professional for a rapidly growing technology firm.  She holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and has worked as an Organizational Consultant conducting Psychological Executive Assessments, providing leadership coaching, and strategic team development...learn more about Elizabeth.



Conference Session

Your Power: Creating & Receiving Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety is now widely accepted as a necessary condition of effective workplace cultures.  And yet, creating such an environment is often easier said than done.  While leaders need to be the majority stakeholders in cultivating psychological safety, every individual in the organization plays a role in receiving and propagating that felt sense of safety.  This session will explore the role that power (positional and personal) plays in the quest for psychological safety, regardless of one’s role in the organization.  Attendees will have an in-depth understanding of the role that they play in impacting psychological safety and will develop an actionable plan that can be implemented immediately for leveraging their power to further cultivate psychological safety.

Event Address

Minneapolis, MN