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Concurrency's Travis Roberts to speak MMS 2023 at MOA

April 30, 2023 | 6:00PM - 5:00PM | Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Midwest Management Summit is a 4-day conference purposely capped to just 750 attendees so that nobody gets lost in the crowd.

Hosted by a community of systems management professionals, the conference strives to meet these goals:

  1. Top Quality Real-World Content and Presenters
  2. Intimate Size
  3. Affordable

Speakers have time to meet and talk to you. No rushing people out of a session to get the next speaker going. Time to absorb what you see and talk it over with speakers and other attendees.

A true learning experience. Real networking. Real-life issues discussed.

Focus is on technical training across systems management areas (with a heavy focus on Microsoft), current and upcoming releases, new features and technological trends, and the real-world challenges to success. MMS 2023 will be offering 4 days of training with over a hundred sessions, product demo's, networking and other social elements.

Speakers are handpicked from communities all over the world; most of them are Microsoft MVP's. Plus, you will hear from some of the most well-known speakers in the industry as well as some new folks with new ideas. Microsoft always makes a big appearance with program managers in the systems management space and developers on-site ready to hear your issues and try to fix them.

Event Address

Minneapolis, Minnesota