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Frank Gill to speak at SQL Saturday Tampa

February 29, 2020 | 8:00AM - 5:00PM | Tampa, FL


Frank Gill presents:  Performance Improvements in SQL Server 2019

Microsoft released SQL Server 2019 in November.  The latest version contains several improvements and new features that improve reliability and performance.  First, Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) completely redesigns the SQL Server database engine recovery process.  This allows the time spent recovering from a crash or rolling back a transaction to be greatly reduced.  ADR also prevents the transaction log from growing during a long-running transaction.  Second, metadata for temporary tables can be stored in in-memory tables.  For tempdb-heavy workloads, this removes a bottleneck and provides an improvement to performance.  Finally, SQL Server 2019 supports the use of persistent-memory (PMEM) devices.  PMEM can be used to persist the transaction log buffer, effectively removing LOGWRITE waits.  Join me for this session to learn about these new features in SQL Server 2019 and how they can make your workload run faster.

Event Address

12212 USF Maple Drive
Tampa, FL 33620