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Concurrency hosts WI SharePoint User Group

January 22, 2020 | 9:00AM - 11:00AM | Brookfield, WI


Microsoft Teams Extensibility & SharePoint Framework Best Practices


Welcome to the first event of a new decade! We are going to be talking about Teams and SharePoint User Experiences in Modern. We are going to be look at both of those as they exist out of the box and then what you can do to extend each one while following best practices.

Topic 1 - Microsoft Teams Use Cases and Extensibility

An overview of Teams extensibility, including the multiple extension points, such as bots, tabs, webhooks, and messaging extensions. We'll show you some examples on how you can make Teams the Hub for your workday.
- Presented by Steve and Anthony

SharePoint Framework UI Patterns and UX Best Practices

Microsoft has giving us a vehicle to execute rapid page creation, in the Modern Office 365 SharePoint experience. Out of box SharePoint Web Parts give us the extensible basics and SPFx Office Fabric UI gives us the UI building blocks but User Experience needs enhancements to foster healthy user adoption. We'll discuss SPFx extensibility with other react UI Patterns libraries to ensure industry standard UI Patterns and best practices.
- Presented by Damon

Event Address

13600 Bishops Court
Brookfield, WI 53005