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Data & AI

Advanced analytics to empower clients with business intelligence


No other area has seen more growth and opportunity than the analytics arena. Worldwide, the volume of collected data is doubling every 30 months, which means that about 90% of all accumulated data has been stored in the last two years. Accessing, understanding and collaborating on information has never been easier—or more critical to the business. From production line workers to executives, accessing dashboards and reports should all be part of a day’s work. So should interfacing with corporate, third-party and data recorded by (possibly millions of) sensors.  Understanding that data, extricating its noise, and estimating optimal, actionable procedures takes a new approach with new tools and a new way of thinking.

Turn business intelligence into prescriptive actions by leveraging a modern data platform and advanced data analytics techniques. We can show you how to use the data that your organization either already creates or has access to in order to give you a competitive edge. We can provide the means to extract the inherent value within your data in a way that sets your business apart. Using an extensive knowledge base, it is our aim to deliver new strategic advantages and uncover ways to turn data into new revenue streams.

Data & AI Solutions

Machine Learning

Advanced Analytics

The most difficult part of advanced analytics is not the technology, but the application to real world business problems.

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Data Science Consulting

Data Science

In-depth experience providing advanced data science solutions that leverage data to deliver high return on your analytics investment

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Azure DevOps & ITSM

Modern Data Platform

The modern data platform consists of key tools and workloads to help you accomplish the needs of modern enterprise data processing.

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Business Intelligence & SQL Server

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence not only means finding that piece of information that is impactful to your business, but also making it easy for the business to take action.

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Data & AI Case Studies

  • Clover Imaging Group

    Clover Imaging Group

    Clover Imaging Group Improves Forecast Accuracy with AI & Machine Learning

  • Global Safety Consulting and Certification Company

    Global Safety Consulting and Certification Company

    Connecting Data Systems and Replacing Outdated Reporting Platform to Provide Self-Service Insights to Customers

  • Clover Imaging Group

    Clover Imaging Group

    Clover Imaging Group & Concurrency Enhance Opportunities for People with Cognitive Disabilities

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