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Customer Relationship Management

Tailor your approach to meet your customers' needs and keep them coming back.

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Technology and data have transformed the way companies are connecting with their audiences whether they be prospects, customers, employees, the media, shareholders or other stakeholders.
The ability to build a relationship with your particular audience is the key to driving loyalty. The ability to track those touchpoints helps businesses nurture these relationships so people feel as though they are “known” and receive a consistent experience regardless of the organizational function with which they are engaging, whether it be marketing, sales, customer service, etc.
That's why we take pride in designing, planning, and deploying Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s CRM platform, to help you effectively reach your own particular audiences.
Dynamics 365 helps increase productivity and create a connected organization. This translates to your customers as efficiency and organization. In turn, you'll see increased revenue and your marketing dollars directly working for you. What makes this product even better, is that it fully integrates with Outlook to make it absolutely effortless.

  • Dynamics 365 Applications angle-down

    Applies to Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service and much more.



    Dynamics 365 has an application for sales professionals to manage customer interactions, sales opportunity pipeline and forecasting. The application offers best in class tools allowing users to be more productive in or out of office. Its integration with Office 365, LinkedIn and other analytics/digital intelligence tools creates a seamless experience that increases revenue.


    Dynamics 365 has an application for marketing professionals to attract, engage, and retain customers using automated communication campaigns via email, text, phone, etc. The application
    Uses built-in intelligence to deliver personalized content and experiences so every interaction counts.

    Customer Service 

    Dynamics 365 has an application for customer service and support professionals that manages all aspects of customer service. Any organization can now offer world-class customer service that leads to loyalty. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service unifies the way people experience your business—across self-service, peer-to-peer service, and assisted service via online systems or call center.

    Field Service

    Dynamics 365 has an application for professionals who provide service on site at multiple customer locations throughout a day such as service trucks/vans servicing homes and businesses. You can turn your companies service calls into a strategic advantage with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. It provides everything your teams need—from optimized scheduling to predictive maintenance.

    Project Service

    Dynamics 365 has an application for project managers and service delivery personnel to manage projects, resources and billing. You can run your project-based business more productively and profitably using Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation. It helps you match project tasks to skills, assign resources by availability and enter time/expense data simply at any time.

Customer Relationship Management Case Studies

  • International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

    International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

    IAVI Turns to Dynamics CRM to Manage Donor Relations

  • Brakebush Brothers

    Brakebush Brothers

    Brakebush Brothers Deploys Dynamics CRM for Cost-Effective Reporting

  • Ampacet


    Ampacet Corporation Partners with Concurrency for 360° Customer Visibility and Improved Business Processes

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