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With his years of management experience, Nicholas is a Change Agent always looking for the best possible solution, while also enjoying the constant change of his every day.

Tell us about your current role and your journey here at Concurrency thus far?
My current role is Director of Cloud Transformation. Overall working at Concurrency has been exciting. When I started 5 years ago, I was hired as a solution architect on our strategic business consulting team to act as a business analyst and also provide management consulting to leaders and executives at our clients. Then over time, concurrency needed a regional delivery director, and with my experience in several IT director positions, and senior management positions within the IT space, it made perfect sense for me to fill that role. Most recently I’ve been promoted into this role and I love being able to coach and guide folks here at the Minnesota office [and beyond]. It’s been an exciting ride and I can’t wait for what the future holds.  

What does being a Change Agent mean to you?
So I’m a type-A personality and I like to work on a lot of different things. I spent most of my career, over 20 years, in a corporate environment, which typically doesn’t have a lot of change. At Concurrency, we work on so many different things and change so often. Being a change agent is more than just causing change. It means being a strong business partner to our clients to help them cause positive change within their organization that’s going to drive their business outcomes. Our goal as consultants is to help our clients increase shareholder value and customer satisfaction. In addition, being a change agent is fast, fun, and exciting. Honestly, it’s a thrill because every day is different. If I had to do the same job over and over, I’d be so bored. I’m never bored at Concurrency it’s always a challenge and I love it.  

What inspires you and/or how is the work you are doing positively impacting organizations?
The inspiration is easy: that’s our people. Concurrency hires and trains and works with the most talented people in the industry. I’m excited everyday to go to work because I’m going to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing diverse group of people with all sorts of professional and educational backgrounds.  

The work that we’re doing is helping organizations create additional automations and streamline their IT services to reduce waste. It’s part of the lean Six Sigma approach to reduce waste, we feel that it’s really important, we want to optimize, streamline, and automate as many IT processes as possible for our clients so that they’re easier to manage. We reduce the overall total cost of ownership but we also increase the return on investment.  

Come Be a Change Agent.

Concurrency is unlike any other IT professional services firm. We fearlessly challenge the status quo to drive meaningful change for our clients. Have we inspired the technologist in you?

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