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As a Talent Acquisition Leader and Change Agent, Lubna works hard to find the best talent on the market to work at Concurrency.

Tell us about your current role and your journey here at Concurrency thus far?
I’ve been at Concurrency for almost 8 years now, it’s been a fun journey and I’ve learned so much. I feel like every day coming into work is impactful and I am adding something to the community. Being in a recruiting role where we’re growing and building these talented teams, I take it very much to heart what I do and something which I feel I am a part of and I’m building something that really keeps me going every day. Right now, I’m the Talent Acquisition Manager, and I started my journey here as a recruiter, moved into an HR Business Partner role, wearing multiple hats at that time. We were a much smaller team at that time internally, and we hired a lot of talented people, many were Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, and we got a huge impression in the Microsoft community of like who we are and that’s because all the talent which we brought on within the company. I have helped build within the company a talented team and it’s given me the opportunity to be more creative and do different things here, and leadership has been very encouraging of that, you don’t find that often. 

What does being a Change Agent mean to you?
I love asking this question to other people, because I get very different answers and it’s amazing to hear everyone’s perspective of what that means to them. Of course, my time at Concurrency, I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to be that Change Agent for the departments and the areas I touch in the organization, be it bringing talent within the company, the first interaction with the talent outside of Concurrency, I have control over how we communicate with our people and how we want to spread the word, how we want to showcase Concurrency to those professionals. I feel like I get that opportunity to tell our story to people out there and basically that’s what attracts the amount of talent we have in the company to come and work here. It’s because we interact with them, and I have that voice in the company to do that. I am a visibly diverse female in the company which is something I take a lot of pride in, and the confidence I receive from the leadership team to do the things I want to do and being able to portray how Concurrency is to that talent is something I really take to heart.

Being a Change Agent is not something you can only be if you are a leader, you can be a Change Agent at any capacity you work within an organization. Just recently, we hired a coordinator in our team, and I feel like the number of contributions she’s making in our team and our processes it’s amazing. If you just give the freedom to somebody, you can get way more instead of telling somebody to do something. You give a project to somebody and give them the autonomy to come up with something different, you can be amazed. That’s something I can carry for life; to be a Change Agent you must give others that opportunity so they can also be that and at the end we all benefit from it.  .

What inspires you and/or how is the work you are doing positively impacting organizations?
The people I work with. To be able to serve people better. Every day I get to hear people from within and outside of Concurrency’s stories and career goals. It inspires me how important it is for an organization to fulfill the personal, professional needs of an individual, otherwise your organization won’t be successful. Being able to hear those stories and then put that within your organization and help is amazing. Even if an employee is working on something else, but you know a certain individual has a passion for something you want to give them the opportunity to be able to grow and get them that exposure to get to where they want to be in their career. Sometimes we think about it like how we are impacting as a consultant company, but I feel like in my role, we get opportunities to people knowing what professionals are looking for, and that’s how you change the organization. We don’t have a product in our company, so our focus is on the employees. We want to make sure the employees get the best so they can be the best versions of themselves.   

Come Be a Change Agent.

Concurrency is unlike any other IT professional services firm. We fearlessly challenge the status quo to drive meaningful change for our clients. Have we inspired the technologist in you?

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