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Brian's innovative-forward mindset allows him to be a Change Agent even when obstacles are standing in his way.

Tell us about your current role and your journey here at Concurrency thus far?
What attracted me to Concurrency was the innovation mindset engrained in the organization. Being able to work side-by-side with some of the industry’s most recognized experts gave me an opportunity to “level up” in technology. Since joining, my journey has led me from being a leading technologist to an executive partner in some of the most strategic companies in the Midwest. I do this by listening to our clients’ challenges, getting to the root cause, and challenging their beliefs on technology.

What does being a Change Agent mean to you?
Being a Change Agent brings together my soft skills and my technical skills to challenge the status quo and bring new ideas to organizations. Many times, I’m presented with tactical challenges; “I need a new SharePoint site” or “My clients are struggling with our mobile application”. Being a Change Agent shifts the conversation from “how can I improve my situation” to “how can I create market disruption through innovation”.

What inspires you and/or how is the work you are doing positively impacting organizations?
Change is hard, personally, professionally, and especially in our delivery. You must be patient if you think big. No one meets their weight loss goals the first time in the gym. It takes months and even years to attain true change. My role allows me to be the personal trainer for organizations we partner with and very often, it’s after I’m gone that I see them rise to their true potential. It’s truly inspiring to look back at an partner I’ve worked with and celebrate their success.

Come Be a Change Agent.

Concurrency is unlike any other IT professional services firm. We fearlessly challenge the status quo to drive meaningful change for our clients. Have we inspired the technologist in you?

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