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Being a change agent doesn't mean you're fixing what isn't broken, it's finding new efficiencies that maximize benefits. Laura embodies this thinking in spades.

Tell us about your current role and your journey here at Concurrency thus far? 
I came to Concurrency as a Technical Architect, and was the first hire who started completely remote with a seamless integration into my job and the company. Once I got into my role as an Architect, I began helping businesses understand what's possible with the latest technology, walking through what it looks like during the implementation process, and how to manage the solution moving forward.

Being a consultant, we see a lot of unique environments across various industries. This allows us to take those different perspectives, combine them with recommended best practices, our own experience, as well as colleague's experiences, and deliver the best solution for every situation.

One of the important items for me when I came to Concurrency was knowing that there were (and are) opportunities to grow in various areas and the company was supportive of such. Opportunities such as becoming a leader, expanding technical knowledge, or even continuing the path which I started on. Fortunately, personal goals and opportunity aligned, allowing me to continue my journey here at Concurrency as the Regional Delivery Manager in Wisconsin, leading the Secure Modern Workplace and Cloud Transformation teams. While I still help businesses and walk through the before, during, and after, I am now able to help in a different way. My journey has been unique, starting remote, meeting colleague's face to face for the first time only recently, and a role change. 
What Does Being a Change Agent mean to you? 
When we call ourselves Change Agents, we don't just mean that we enjoy changing a client's environment: It's so much more than that. From the way in which we propose the change, talk through the whys, hows, etc. to the way we say, "what's next?", being a Change Agent, we are not content unless we must be. We are constantly looking for ways to not necessarily fix what is not broken, but ways to make a process, program, or experience better. We want our clients to reap the benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), modern security, and low code/no code solutions, and do so in an efficient and effective manner.

We embrace the unknown and get excited when new technology is launched - and even when we "break" existing technology because that means we have found room for improvement. So, while yes, we enjoy changing "things" we take care and pride in our efforts. We make sure we do the due diligence such that a client's environment and experience is changed for the better.
What inspires you and/or how is the work you are doing positively impacting organizations? 
I am inspired daily. Being able to work alongside some amazing minds, who think past the status quo, and strive for best in class. My personal mantra is "Do Better", and I see that in my colleagues and not just with their tech skills but doing better for the people. When I heard our “AI For Good” story, it made me feel grateful to work with not only smart people, but smart people who care about others.

Concurrency has a great Microsoft partnership in that not only am I working with some of the best talent in Microsoft cloud space, but I also get to work directly with the company who makes the technology. I am able to see what Concurrency is doing and what Microsoft is making possible. It's hard to not be inspired when a client asks how they can do something and I am able to provide them the solution and road map to get there and then see the outcome; knowing that I did that, Concurrency did that.

Come Be a Change Agent.

Concurrency is unlike any other IT professional services firm. We fearlessly challenge the status quo to drive meaningful change for our clients. Have we inspired the technologist in you?

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