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SharePoint Basics for Beginners

Want to learn SharePoint? No idea where to start? Here are a few basic topics to get you familiar with SharePoint.

Christian Urena by Christian Urena

Merging CRM Records with OneNote

When merging two records in CRM that both have OneNote workbooks created in SharePoint, the merge will throw a undetailed error. To continue with the merge, a few steps need to be taken to remove one of the workbooks and allow the merge to happen.

Salvatore Montini by Salvatore Montini

5 features of SharePoint 2016 you might not have heard of

There is a lot of information out there about the key new features of SharePoint Server 2016 being released this year such as MinRole and built in Data Loss Prevention (DLP). I wanted to highlight some of the smaller new features that I am excited to begin working with.

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung

SPTechCon Austin 2016

Having just returned from SPTechCon Austin 2016, I wanted to share some of the insights and common topics I noticed during several of the great sessions they had this week, showcasing several new Microsoft solutions like PowerApps, Office Fabric UI and Microsoft Graph.

Steve Borgwardt by Steve Borgwardt

Mandatory Anonymous Link Expiration in Office 365

Microsoft recently released a new feature in Office 365 which allows a mandatory expiration length to be set at the tenant level. This will affect sharing documents through SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.  This post will provide the steps to configure this setting.

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung

Azure AD Connect General Availability Announced

Last week Microsoft announced the General Availability of Azure AD Connect. With this release all existing Azure AD and Office 365 customers should start planning their upgrade of their existing directory synchronization tools to Azure AD Connect.

Bill Hughes by Bill Hughes