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Working Together During a Pandemic to Drive Positive Organizational Change

We have all been changed by the effects of Covid-19, from our personal lives, family activities, and work routines.  All projects that propose to change an organization, from technical implementations, to process improvements require strong teamwork and smart Organizational Change Management (OCM) activities for success.  How has this pandemic changed teamwork within your organization?

Nick Rustad by Nick Rustad

Loop Components: What are they?

Loop components in Teams chat present a new way to collaborate in real time without having to open a document, presentation, or spreadsheet.

Ben Lockwood by Ben Lockwood

How to upload a Custom App in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams apps are web applications that can be hosted on an organization's web server or in the cloud. We’ll use The Teams App Studio to create the application package and upload it to Teams which can then be installed in a channel.

Akashdeep Kaur by Akashdeep Kaur

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Chatbot Development

Chatbots are among the most visible applications of AI technology. The successful adoption of chatbots by end users has led to the use of more and more bots in advanced artificial intelligence technologies and their usage by a custom software development company.

Akashdeep Kaur by Akashdeep Kaur

SharePoint Integration with Teams

This quick read highlights some of the most exciting existing and upcoming features of Teams and SharePoint integration.

Alex Fowle by Alex Fowle

SharePoint Conference 2018 Announcements

This post covers some of the major annoucements during the keynote of the SharePoint Conference 2018 in Las Vegas. Topics include the annoucement of Microsoft spaces, enhancements to search, new Microsoft Team features and finally organizational news publishing and management.

Steve Borgwardt by Steve Borgwardt