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SSAS Tabular Model Development Using Power BI Desktop

One of the challenges with SSAS Tabular model development, for me, has always been the need to fully vet out a new measure or calculation in the intended visuals. Is there another way beside Analyze in Excel?

Seth Bauer by Seth Bauer

Exploring SQL Server Metrics in Power BI

This blog is aimed at IT/Database folks to show you how you can leverage Power BI when analyzing databases and environments for problem areas or performance issues. This exercise presents an alternative to rows and rows of data, and gives some tools/ideas to create a quick report and make it repeatable across environments when analyzing SQL Server metrics.      

Seth Bauer by Seth Bauer

Querying using Views

Today we look at a high level overview of using Views in your SQL queries and the implications behind them.

Nick Adams by Nick Adams


A real world but different look into JOIN vs APPLY.

Nick Adams by Nick Adams

Welcome to R!

A brief introduction to R Language

Nick Adams by Nick Adams

Watch “Moving from Profiler to Extended Events”

 I talk about why you want to learn it, show you a direct comparison between setting up a Profiler session and an XE session, and teach you how to convert existing Profiler traces to XE.

Concurrency Blog by Concurrency Blog