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Using UI Wireframes & UX Mock-ups to Attain Group Consensus - The Art of the Dog-and-Pony-Show.

Creative Platforms are planned, scrutinized and scrapped and then reimagined from the ground up many times over.  If done correctly a creative platform can imbue a consumer with a magical sense that they themselves personify a brand.

This Holy Grail in advertising psychology… is the insubstantial brand equity that agencies strive to produce.

User Interface Design and the ability to shape a User’s Experience operates a lot like the pursuit of a perfect Customer Experience and how it builds Brand Equity

Damon Sanchez by Damon Sanchez

Merging CRM Records with OneNote

When merging two records in CRM that both have OneNote workbooks created in SharePoint, the merge will throw a undetailed error. To continue with the merge, a few steps need to be taken to remove one of the workbooks and allow the merge to happen.

Salvatore Montini by Salvatore Montini