Securing and Governing the Power Platform

The Power Platform is compelling with its low-code/no-code capabiltiies, but how do you secure and govern it across your enterprise? Making decisions on structure and governance will set your employees up for success. 

Stephanie Siewert by Stephanie Siewert

Why accelerate cloud migration now?

The last several months have been challenging. We’ve experienced incredible disruption to the economic market that has left businesses in challenging positions financially and competitively. Some companies have seen the challenging times and stopped everything except the most critical “keeping the lights on” activities. This might even seem intuitive to many companies… like, “why wouldn’t […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Decom Lync/Skype after moving to Teams

This is my working list for decom for older Lync and Skype deployments on prem for organizations that are moving to Microsoft Teams. **more info to be added around trunk removal. Look for disabled accounts that are still registered to Lync 2013 Get-CSuser | Disable-CSuser Get-CsConferenceDirectory | Remove-CsConferenceDirectory Check for Analog devices Get-CsAnalogDevice | Select-ObjectContinue reading "Decom Lync/Skype after moving to Teams"

Brett Janzen by Brett Janzen

Leveraging the Power Platform

The Power Platform has skyrocketed in the tech world as organizations leverage its no-code/low-code approach to app dev, process automation and data analysis. Concurrency's Data & AI Analyst Steve Campbell and Technical Architect Anthony Escobedo show you how business users an leverage the Power Platform in worklows with little to no coding experience and the vast options it offers to set your organization up for success. 

Stephanie Siewert by Stephanie Siewert

Speaking at IC Stars Capitalize on Wisconsin

I kicked off the IC Stars Capitalize on Wisconsin event this week, leading into a very interesting conversation on Ethics of AI. IC Stars is a great organization that helps individuals wanting to get into the technology field from a diverse background. Things IC Stars does: Community engagement in IT Education and internships Awareness of […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Speaking at Wisconsin Technology Association

I spoke at the Wisconsin Technology Association on June 18th as a moderator for the Build vs. Buy conversation. Thanks for the WTA for having me and for such a great conversation! We talked about: Modern development Containers Development security Low Code / No Code Cost optimization Intellectual Property Engineering approaches Configuration oriented

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Can bots possess empathy?

I was pursuing my Facebook feed the other day and came across an advertisement for Replika, an “Artificial Intelligence Friend”, which offers to be a virtual personal relationship, providing a vehicle for self-expression, understanding, and feedback. We’ve talked about Empathy in the context of bots or applications, but this is a whole new level. This […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski