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Thoughts on the T-Shaped Career

The T-Shaped Career analogy is a concept that much has been written on, often conveyed as a way to think about both the collaborative and the depth portions of a career. The idea of a T-Shaped career conveys a horizontal line (soft skills) and vertical line (hard skills). The diagram below describes this image of […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Kate Weiland named COO at Concurrency Inc.

BROOKFIELD, Wis., July 21, 2022Concurrency Inc., a Microsoft-focused IT services company, has announced the appointment of Kate Weiland to chief operating officer. In her new role, Weiland is focused on creating innovation that brings value to Concurrency partners and clients, and cultivating the next generation of tech talent.

Concurrency Blog by Concurrency Blog

Impact Urgency Matrix Defined!

The following Blog was written originally June 26, 2019 by Matthew Smith and has been updated June 21, 2022 by Nicholas Rustad. 

As part of the Incident Management process implementation within ServiceNow you need to define a Impact and Urgency Matrix to drive ticket prioritization.  Learn more about what a 3x3 or a 4x4 matrix could look like incorporating the concept of KISS.

Matt Smith by Matt Smith

M&A Strategy with Microsoft 365 / Office 365

I’ve been working with companies going through mergers and acquisitions for years.  They are painful and take a lot of investment to get right.  The better transitions are proactively managed on the tech side and include time and effort to improve the operational state of both organizations.  As tech modernization has happened over recent years, […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Product Development Maturity Curve

We know that technology is becoming part of the fabric of every business.  A successful company integrates technology into their core business, making it a irreplaceable component of how it goes to market.  In this discussion we’ll break down the maturity levels of each company and how technology changes the way it engages its customers. […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

The 'Thor Effect': Harnessing Your Power

The ‘Thor Effect’ is a mystical experience full of Asgardian power and a result of the use of powerful hammer, called Mjolnir. This may be an accurate depiction of the ‘Thor Effect’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but looks a bit different in the workplace. So let’s compare….

Elizabeth Fleming by Elizabeth Fleming