Concurrency, Inc. announces hire of two practice leaders

Concurrency, Inc., a leading business and technology professional services firm, today announced the hiring of practice leaders for two fast-growing areas among its high-impact digital transformation services for organizations throughout the Midwest.

Kim Claditis by Kim Claditis

Diagnosing Failed RDS Broker Role

A while back, we received a support case regarding a Windows Server 2016 box that was set up with an all-in-one RDS configuration where a single server is both the broker and session host.  At some point after the build engineer handed the box off to the client, the RDS roles basically stopped working.  Let's walk through the troubleshooting process and final resolution.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande

Executive Lunch in Minneapolis

Concurrency pulled together clients and our sales excutive team for an Executive Briefing at Crave in Minneapolis to discuss a recent client success.  A midwest airline completed a success data project with Concurrency using PowerBI, Azure Data Bricks and Data Lake to load and analyze booking data across their enterprise.  The brief was attended by several other clients who are planning to enbarck on a simular engagement and wanted to learn more about the process.

Nick Rustad by Nick Rustad

Azure VM Performance Diagnostics

Performance Diagnostics is an Azure tool to help diagnose performance-related problems with VMs.  The tool installs the PerfInsights extension into your VM which is then used to collect configuration and performance-related data on-demand.  This data is automatically compiled into an easy-to-read report with potential issues highlighted.

Mitchell Grande by Mitchell Grande

Terraform 0.12 and Azure: Quirks to Keep in Mind

Some quirks of Terraform and Azure I noticed working with it for the first time. By no means is this a comprehensive list, but  a few that I found especially interesting.

Leo Ling by Leo Ling