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Workplace Analytics and AI to Optimize Sales Energy

Ever hear that multi-tasking is a fraud? There is always an opportunity cost. When we choose to spend time on one thing, we lose the time from something else. The switching time has a cost, the time spent has a cost, and the choice between alternatives is always present. What we don’t always do is […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Concurrency Senior Data & AI Analyst Awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for Data Platform Expertise

BROOKFIELD, WI (January 12, 2021) - Concurrency today announced Concurrency Senior Data and AI Analyst Steven Campbell has earned his first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for his expertise, thought leadership and practical business application acumen in the Microsoft Power Platform. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual honor recognizing technology leaders worldwide who actively share their high-quality, real-world expertise with Microsoft and its users.

Stephanie Siewert by Stephanie Siewert

Concurrency Has Earned the Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

BROOKFIELD, WI (January 11, 2021) — Concurrency, Inc. today announced it has earned the Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, a validation of a solution partner’s deep knowledge, extensive experience and proven expertise in migrating and modernizing production web application workloads, and managing app services in Azure.

Stephanie Siewert by Stephanie Siewert

My Analytics Called Me Out

Ever send a meeting request to someone and have them not respond? You wait, wait, and wait but they never click accept, deny, or tentative? Then, you get to the meeting and they decline because they have something else? Or, they show up and are an active participant? Well… that someone is me. Today, My […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Default Outlook Meeting Lengths to 25 minutes and 50 minutes

This has been spoken of in various places over the last year, but I wanted to reinforce a simple change to your Outlook that will make your and your co-worker’s lives better. We often forget that we need time between meetings, especially when every meeting is a video conference. I was recently in 8 back-to-back […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Zero Trust Security

We had a great conversation on Zero Trust security, the current security landscape, why Zero Trust is important, and the adoption process. This is an interview everyone should watch.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Building a Manageable AI Framework on Azure

Had a great conversation with Jeff Lipkowitz and Swami Venkatesh on building an AI Framework on Azure. We talked about what an AI Landing Zone looks like and how we ensure the right practices are accomplished.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

It will happen to you… why Zero Trust MUST be a technology North Star for 2021

In the past month we’ve seen a tremendous increase in companies coming to us having been ransomware victims. This is in addition to the impact of Solar Winds incident and conversations about Nation State activity. These aren’t new problems we’re seeing. It’s the same general vulnerability we’ve been talking about for years, just increased in […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

Modernizing and Automating IT Asset Management with ServiceNow

2020 marked a historic period of digital acceleration. Organizations had to adjust operations and quickly establish secure, scalable remote work environments to ensure continued customer engagement. Some organizations struggled while others thrived. The difference? The organizations succeeding despite challenging marketplace conditions are those that have embraced change and technology to succeed in this new normal.

Jacob Hays by Jacob Hays