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SharePoint Powershell: Set-SPContentdatabase bug when changing status?

Author by Mark Rentmeester

SharePoint Powershell cmdlet Set-SPContentDatabase sets global properties of a SharePoint content database.
According to Microsoft Documentation: Set-SPContentDatabase [-Identity] [-AssignmentCollection ] [-Confirm []] [-MaxSiteCount ] [-Status ] [-WarningSiteCount ] [-WhatIf []]
My troubles started when trying to update the Content Database status from Ready to Offline. As you can see above, Status is supposed to accept the parameters: Online | Disabled | Offline | Unprovisioning | Provisioning | Upgrading. So I tried: Set-SPContentDatabase SP_ContentDB -Status Offline This appeared to have worked as I didn’t receive an error. Next I browsed to Central Admin | Manage Content Databases then selected the web application. The status of SP_ContentDB content database was error? As I wanted to be able to script this change as part of a bigger more complex build process, I continued to try different things. I uncovered that passing in a 0 or 1 changes the status from Ready to Offline. To change the content database status to Ready: Set-SPContentDatabase SP_ContentDB -Status 0 To change the content datbaase status to Offline: Set-SPContentDatabase SP_ContentDB -Status 1   This article was written by Sam Krueger. It is currently moderated by Mark Rentmeester. 

Mark Rentmeester

Director of Application Development Services