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Author by James Savage

This week’s collection of IT, enterprise, and Microsoft-technologies news includes stories covering Microsoft cloud services, Dynamics CRM upgrades, and the upcoming Office 365 encrypted messaging feature.

Use your Windows Phone to control Office docs on your PC. Office Remote, a new app from Microsoft, connects Office across PCs and Windows Phone to take PowerPoint presentations to another level (from ZDNet).

Encrypted messaging coming to Microsoft's Office 365 next year. Created in response to privacy concerns, this new feature to Office 365 will automatically encrypt all email messages, forwards, and replies, regardless of their destination, as a free service upgrade for subscribers (from Cnet).

Microsoft bulks up security; brings encrypted email to Office 365 Enterprise bundles. Learn additional info about the impending Office 365 security upgrade (from Network World).

Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 to arrive in early 2014. SP1 for Office, SharePoint, and Exchange 2013 will come with a laundry list of upgrades for current customers (from ZDNet).

Azure's Success Shows Microsoft Gaining Ground in Cloud Computing. Microsoft introduced its Azure cloud service in 2008, has since enjoyed triple-digit growth, and is now adding a suite of new features that will make Azure an even easier transition to the cloud (from eWeek).

Microsoft launches Office 365 Admin for Windows Phone, Android and iOS apps to follow. The new app allows administrators to connect to Office 365 service stats from anywhere, including service health checks and maintenance status updates (from The Next Web).

Thales, Microsoft serve secure crypto in the cloud. Microsoft has teamed up with Thales e-security to create encrypted cloud storage that’s controlled by the customer rather than the provider (from ZDNet).

With Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM upgrades, manage your customers everywhere — even the prison yard. Even prison wardens can now track and update case files on their mobile devices, thanks to the suite of new Dynamics CRM upgrades that became available last month (from Venture Beat).

Why 'One Microsoft' also means one Windows - for everyone. Simon Bisson discusses how Microsoft will deliver a single OS using a common development model for all it’s devices (from ZDNet).

Why corporations like Microsoft are investing in renewable energy. Rather than buying renewable energy credits, as Microsoft has done in the past, the company will use the electricity generated by a Texas wind farm to power a new data center in San Antonio (from The Guardian).

Microsoft dangles new server and cloud pricing offer for enterprise users. The new enrollment option for enterprises offers discounts to support Microsoft’s promise to match Amazon’s prices on compute, storage, and bandwidth (from ZDNet).


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