Powermap Filter and Custom Maps for Office 365

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The much awaited Powermap filter and custom maps has been released by Microsoft as a October update. You can have access to this new feature only if you have Office 365 subscription. The best way to check if you have access to this update if by going to the following path and updating office 365 susbcription. FILE > ACCOUNT > UPDATE OPTIONS > UPDATE NOW If you do not see the UPDATE options when you select ACCOUNT option, then please contact your network support administrator. The probable cause that you are not seeing the UPDATE OPTIONS feature when you select FILE > ACCOUNT is that you do not have OFFICE 365 Subscription. Let's talk a bit of about the amazing new features. The custom map will allow you to plot the data points on a graph by using the x-y co-ordinates. The new feature of x-y co-ordinate can be seen in the following window [caption id="attachment_27941" align="alignnone" width="497"]Power map filter and custom map Power Map for Power BI Microsoft[/caption] You can also see a new funnel icon which represents the filter for power map. This feature was teh most awaited fdeature as there was no way to slice and dice the data previously. In my next blogs, I will explain how to use the custom filter and custom maps features. Stay tuned and subscribe to Concurrency Technology Blogs

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