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Office 365 Q&A with Michael Epping [Podcast]

Author by Michael Epping

Office 365 question and answer interview with Concurrency Expert discussed the following  topics:
  1. What services are included in Office 365?
  2. What sort of companies should consider moving to Office 365 and cloud services?
  3. Does moving to the cloud mean that organizations lose the ability to manage their resources?
  4. What are the benefits of using Microsoft’s cloud services over on-premise versions of the products?
  5. How does Office 365 pricing work?
  6. What is involved with migrating an organization’s infrastructure to Office 365?
  7. How does the cloud impact a company’s end users?
  8. How secure is my data when it’s in Office 365?
  9. Where is Office 365 going in the near future?

Michael Epping

Systems Engineer