Matt's MS Ignite Recap - Day 2

Author by Matt Herman

I've made it through day two of MS Ignite and it's been great. The introvert in me does want to go hide every time I see the crowds between sessions, but the geek in me keeps powering through to soak up as much information as I can. Alright, enough small talk and on to the day. I was fortunate enough to take part in a Windows 10 focus group this morning, looking at some features for enterprise deployments. Unfortunately, I can't share the specifics of the discussion, but this continues the theme of listening customer's feedback when designing Windows 10. What I said yesterday about Windows 10 being designed to be familiar for the Windows 7 user is a direct example of this. Microsoft has the Windows Insider Program, and I encourage all of you to join and engage with Microsoft to help shape Windows 10. My next session was Minasi's Guide to Managing Windows 10. Mark Minasi is a great presenter, and not a Microsoft employee, which lets him speculate on where things are going with Windows 10 and technology (Here's a hint, it's to the cloud!). The highlight of the session for me was the overview of the Business Store Portal (BSP). The BSP is the tool organizations will use to manage access to the Windows Store and modern applications for users authenticating with a domain account. They will be able to control what applications are available, pay for and deploy applications to users and even load and deploy traditional applications through the portal. SCCM and Intune will have integrations to enable and enhance some of the features. Overall, it brings clarity to how organizations will manage the store and modern applications. You can check out the full session here: After that was a session on Azure RemoteApp. This was a fast paced session that I am planning on going back and watching again. If you want to see how to virtualize applications for deployment to any type of device, anywhere in the world, check out the video. As an extra bonus, you can go here to run an Azure RemoteApp demo on your own device: My last session of the day was on Windows 10 deployments. It did a nice job covering the three deployment methods Microsoft has for Windows 10, wipe and reload, in-place upgrade and provisioning. The demos focus on the last two methods and are worth checking out. Provisioning is very intriguing, but the toolset is not ready for enterprises, yet. If you aren't familiar, provisioning is taking a device with the OS installed and configured by the vendor, and applying the settings the applications needed to make it compliant with your network standards. This has been done with mobile devices for years, and I am interested to see if hardware vendors will provide builds without bloatware to make this viable for enterprises. If they do, that could be the sunset of wipe and reload deployments for enterprises. Check out the full session here:

Matt Herman

Technical Architect