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Install SharePoint 2010 Farm in a WorkGroup

Author by Hozafa Motiwala

Installing and configuring SharePoint 2010 farm installation with SQL server 2008 R2 standard/enterprise in a workgroup or in a dmz zone with SQL Authentication and without using active directory accounts.

Example SharePoint Server: SPWeb101

Example Database server: SPDB102


1)     Create a local SQL user account with a name of SPdbuser.

2)      Give the SQL account (SPdbuser) the following server roles (Sys Admin, Security Admin, DB Creator) on the SQL server (SPDB102).

3)      Go to the SharePoint server and create a local account called (FarmAccount) and its password is (PASSWORD)

4)      Install SharePoint 2010 and make sure to choose Farm installation and the (complete installation) option.

5)      Go to the database server and manually create the following empty databases.

                   a) SharePoint_Test_Config

                   b) SharePoint_Test_AdminContent

                   c) SharedServices_Test_DB

                  d) SharedServicesSearch_Test_DB

 6)     Set the collation for databases as Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS

7)      Go to SharePoint Server and start the command prompt and then browse to the following directory

8)     C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\BIN

9)      Type the following command and then press enter

psconfig -cmd configdb -create -server spdb102\sharepoint database SharePoint_Test_Config -dbuser SPdbuser -dbpassword P@ssw0rd -passphrase FarmPa$$Phrase -admincontentdatabase SharePoint_Test_AdminContent -user spweb101\FarmAccount -password PASSWORD

10)  Press Enter


11)   You will see a warning that tells you the account you used to configure the farm is a local account, Ignore this warning

12)  The configuration steps starts and you will see the progress

13)  After completing the configuration, your SharePoint server now is joined to a new farm but we don’t have a central admin website yet.

14)  From the start menu Run SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard.

15)  Click Next and OK on the warning dialog and you will see that SharePoint has been joined to a new farm, choose don’t disconnect option and complete your steps to create the administration website.

16)  After configuration wizard completed successfully, you now have a SharePoint farm without a domain controller.


Hozafa Motiwala

Technical Architect