Azure Machine Learning Web Service Deployment

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Azure Machine Learning Web Service will help you to deploy your experiment in the Azure environment. This will automate the process and help in retaining the knowledge of the Data scientists in the system. I have explained how to create a sample experiment using R script in ML Studio in my previous blog. You can read my previous blog by clicking here on "Hello World Program using Azure Machine Learning Platform. Once, you have completed the experiment by following my previous blog, click on publish web service at the right bottom corner as shown in the image below machine1 You will see the following confirmation screen that your experiment has been published as a web service. You can see a very important information here regarding the API Key. This API key can be used for getting the codes in C# and Python which I will show in my future blogs. machine2 Now click on the globe icon on the top left corner below the experiment icon. If you hover your mouse over that symbol you will see that it says "web service". Click on that web service icon and you can see that you webs service has been deployed as shown in the image below. machine3 Click on your web service to test if it has been deployed correctly. In my case the name of my web service is "trial hello". I click on it to open a new window where I can test my web service. machine4 You can see "Staging services" right below the API key. There are 4 columns in the staging services and we are interested in the 4th column i.e. test column.  Click on "TEST" link and you will see the following screen machine5 This is a trial hello world program and the web service now asks you the input parameter. You ahve to enter any name and the web service will print out " Hello Name". For an example, if you enter "Jim" as the input name then the web service will produce an output "Hello Jim" as shown below. machine6 That's it! You have successfully deployed a web service in ML Studio. Please don't forget to check Concurrency's other technology blog posts to keep abreast with the lastest happenings in the Microsoft technologies.

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