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Advanced Work Assignment Part 1

Author by Tom Lu

What is the Advanced Work Assignment?

Advanced work assignment is the feature that automatically assigns work items to your agent based on their capacity, availability and skills. Customers can use multiple channels to request service such as: chats, cases and incidents. After a customer has submitted their request via chats, cases, or incident, Advanced work assignment automatically routes work items/requests to the appropriate agent based on the criteria that you provided.

What is the main benefit of using Advanced Work Assignment?

Increasing customer satisfaction rates is the main benefit of using Advanced Work assignment. Advanced work assignment will help clients more easily to assign work items to the appropriate agent in a much shorter time period. It also means that agent will have more time to solve a customer’s request. In addition, advanced work assignments rules are setup based on agent’s capacity, availability and skills. Thus, agents possess the right skillsets and availability to fulfill customer’s requests in the shortest period of time and with a high quality of solution in mind.

Components of Advanced work Assignment

In order to set up Advanced work Assignment, we need to know about components of Advanced Work Assignment.

Service channels: The channel provides customer service such as chats, cases, incidents and walk-up centers.

Work items: Customers request

Work item queues: The queues can help to classify difference types of work items for agents.

Assignment groups: Agents belong to some specific group.

Assignment rule: The rule that decide to work item assign to appropriate agent.

Agent capacity: The maximum numbers of work items that an agent can work at the same time.

Agent availability: To show if agent active or offline.

Inbox layout: It represents a work item are shown in agent inboxes.



Stay tuned, I will post next time about how to configure Advanced Work Assignment.

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