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Windows Virtual Desktop Insights

Author by Stephanie Siewert

In today's webinar, Concurrency CTO Nathan Lasnoski hosted a discussion on Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with Concurrency Technical Architect Brian Voelz. They discussed how WVD benefits organizations by supporting secure, scalable and efficient work whether end users are in-office or remote. Nathan and Brian walked through how you can leverage WVD to reduce physical desktop costs and increase efficiency by deploying virtual machines in minutes vs. days.

Organizations can often feel frustrated by a variety of things when it comes to their on-premise systems, from the monumental costs to the need to find efficient remote solutions for their out-of-office employees while keeping things consistent with the rest of the business teams.


“Think of WVD as a service,” said Brian Voelz, “Microsoft as part of the service is providing all the underlying infrastructure outside of the desktop environment. The pieces that you own are the Windows Desktop environment and the applications that live on those desktops."


The benefits of WVD include:

  • Cost Savings: lower overhead costs associated with patching, maintaining, and deploying physical desktops and reduce managed service provider (MSP) costs by shifting from physical management to the cloud.
  • Efficiency: deploy desktops in minutes versus days while Microsoft handles functions associated with patching and maintaining VMs, and avoid management issues with physical desktops.
  • Security: leverage Microsoft security and compliance functions and stay current with the latest security patches and updates, all while no longer leaving data on physical devices.
  • Capacity: Microsoft manages capacity while you deploy apps at scale as needed and leverage multi-session capabilities to share VMs.


To view the webinar recording, click here or email for more information on how WVD can benefit your organization.