Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface – Transition Learnings

Author by Nicole Williams

Over the past few months, we have helped many companies with their transition to the new Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface. As we have been executing these transitions, I’ve discovered it is not always as straight forward as you might expect. Microsoft offers some out-of-the-box model-driven apps that can be utilized, however in my experience, creating a custom app and redesigning the navigation, forms and other areas within Dynamics really provides the best possible user experience tailored to a client’s business.

For example, recently we helped a client spin up multiple apps to tailor the experience to specific roles. In doing this, each role may focus on the records and insights it needs access to without all the other system noise unrelated to its role. 


Another great benefit of transitioning to the new Dynamics Unified Interface is that organizations can use it as a time to strategically clean up existing forms, fields, navigation and business processes, optimizing the user experience instead of a fully tactical deployment. In addition, several clients with more customized and developed systems have needed code updates for existing functionality to work within the new interface.

If you have not made the transition to Unified Interface yet, I encourage you to make this a matter of priority. While your date for automatic transition may have been pushed back, it is still closer than you think and there are a ton of great new features you can utilize only within UCI. If you are interested in learning more about the Unified Interface and how we can help you maximize its capabilities for your organization, contact us at