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Microsoft Build 2016 Preview

Author by Mark Rentmeester



There has been a lot of press about the Microsoft Build 2016 Conference selling out in a matter of minutes and the resulting waitlist.  We are excited that our registrations came through and a full team of Concurrency developers will be in attendance!

Build is the premier annual conference for software developers focused on Microsoft tools and technologies.  Events kick off on March 29th in San Francisco with sessions and coverage streaming on the Channel 9 site.

The timing is great as our team has been immersed in customer solutions with modern web, Azure PaaS, Office 365, as well as emerging tech initiatives with IoT.  There’s a lot to take in with the latest product and technology release set, and Microsoft’s continued momentum toward interoperability and open source standards.

Here are a few areas we are looking forward to learning about at Build 2016:

· Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

o    Building app packages that will adapt and run on multiple Windows 10 devices

o    Interop support for iOS and classic Windows apps via platform “bridge” tools

· Microsoft Edge

o    Extensions – support for extensions that are compatible with Chrome.  Updates expected as part of the Windows 10 RS1 June release.

o    WebAssembly preview – continued development for support of small, portable binaries enabling compiled code for browser apps

· Xamarin - definitely looking to hear more on the story for Xamarin and cross-platform native mobile apps since the Microsoft acquisition announcement last month.  We’re anticipating a new focus and direction.

· ASP.NET Core –

o    ASP.NET 5 is now ASP.NET Core 1.0 and is built on a rewrite of the .NET runtime with changes to the ASP.NET dev experience.  Release date TBD.

· Visual Studio, VSTS, and DevOps

o    Typescript for Visual Studio 2015

o    Continuous delivery and build automation with the Team Build service and Azure Automation

o    Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) – continued feature updates and improvements in source control and work item management

· Azure and IoT

o    Continue to deepen our understanding of App Services, it’s roadmap, and how it can help companies migrate to the cloud

o    We are excited to see the ongoing roadmap advancement of Windows 10 IoT core and Azure IoT Hub for device registration, securability, and developer ergonomics

· Other areas:

o    Office365 development with Microsoft Graph

o    PowerApps

o    HoloLens – we expect to see more mixed reality camera tools that will drive our R&D work and HoloLens customer demos and community events

Stay tuned to the Concurrency blog for updates from Build 2016!


Mark Rentmeester

Director of Application Development Services